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An American in Edinburgh

My life living abroad and oh the Adventures I will have!

15 December 1980
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I'm 27 years old and I believe in the four fundamentals of life: Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I used to live outside of Raleigh, NC, but I'm a Wisconsin girl at heart. I attended Wisconsin Lutheran College for 4 years, graduating at the age of 21 with a BA in British Literature and Philosophy. I moved to North Carolina to be with my now husband and to go to graduate school. I received my Masters in English with an emphasis in Film Studies in December 2005 from North Carolina State University. I was then accepted to Edinburgh University in Scotland for my PhD work in Film Studies. With the doctorate, I hope to teach English and Film Studies to college students. I am currently renting a flat with my husband in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our beagle, Archie, has to wait six months before he can join us. My two cats, Chaz and Jonsey, are staying with my grandmother until my return. She was recently diagnosed with cancer, so I am very thankful she has them to keep her feeling positive. I sold almost everything to move out to Edinburgh, so this is an absolutely life changing experience for me and I need to record it.

My personal passion is for film. I don't want to make films or write scripts, I want to review films and write huge articles about how film functions on an analytical level. For example, I wrote my Masters Thesis on the image of the nun in films from WWII to the present in the United States and the UK. For my dissertation, I will be focusing on the function of the nun in film throughout history. Right now I run a website called the Picture Show Pundits and participate in a weekly film review podcast of the same name.