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I find it very difficult to enjoy the community that Live Journal has built. I can't just post one post and have it shared. I have to post multiple posts to cover the various groups I belong to. Things like that. This explains why I don't post here very often. BUT you can find me on two of my blogs to keep up with me:

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Some Pics of My Office and The Meadows

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A Path at the Meadows

London Train Pictures

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A British Whopper

Pictures From London Part 1

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Flowers on a Building Near Bowden Court

A Morning at the Gallery

Today was another small, free adventure. I guess whenever we do something here it is an adventure, because everything is an exciting or very unusual experience. Today we ventured over to the Dean Gallery, which is part of the National Galleries of Scotland. There are four buildings that comprise three parts of the National Galleries of Scotland: the Modern Art Galleries (Dean Gallery, Modern Art Gallery), the National Gallery Complex (on Princes Street), and the Portrait Gallery.
So we purchased our day tickets for the bus and rode out to Princes Street where we were rumored to be able to catch the 13. There is severe construction going on all over the city right now, because they’re installing trams and this caused our bus to not come out onto Princes Street. So we walked up to Charlotte’s Square (a block North from Princes Street) and found the 13 Bus Stop.

Easter Weekend Pictures

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Hail on Good Friday

Cutest British Cat Commercials

Cutest use of cats in a commercial EVER!!!

A Morning at the Crags (Pictures)

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Two Birds Fighting

A Morning at the Crags

This is a really short event, but it was so much fun!!! I was actually able to rangle Ray out of bed pretty early to go on a little adventure. First I made sure he helped to part my hair perfectly straight (he is my new stylist) and then we got our bag packed and headed out. The two of us rode the 35 to the bottom of the Royal Mile and walked past the Scottish Parliament. I had a massive pee attack from the Sugar-Free Red Bull I drank and I went to use the bathrooms at the Holyrood Palace. I would like to thank her Majesty for a duty-free pee!


Then we kept walking until we had come to the base of the Salsbury Crags. Many of you may remember my previous adventure at the Crags, when I thought it was Arthur’s Seat. This time I knew better and I was looking forward to the extreme hike with Ray. We starred at the ominous cliff, both said a silent little prayer and off we went!

Bickering BirdsCalton Hill

Holyrood Palace and ParkForth of the Fife


Man was it intense. We stopped every five or so minutes to enjoy the magical view that was becoming more and more detailed. We even took a moment to listen to some birds bickering on the rocks. It was hard going until we finally hit a plateau at the “top” of the path. It felt great to reach the top and then we realized the other side of the path going up was so much easier!

Ray at CragsCrags and Arthur's Seat

So we slowly took in all the beauty of Edinburgh. I pointed out landmarks and we tried to pinpoint where our flat was. It was the perfect day. Overcast, but not freezing. No rain. No wind. Wonderful! And we started to descend on the other side. Ray was on a mission to pet three dogs before we got on the bus and we saw our first. He was very excited. Then we ran into an owned and her terrier Maxwell. I thought that was a perfect name for a dog. (Note to self. . . name next dog Maxwell.) We also took several moments to quip some jips at the crazies who were adventuring the EXTREMELY steep climb up to Arthur’s Seat. For another day and maybe several fewer pounds! Or maybe I’ll just wait for Rachel and her and I will scale the beast!

Ray, the Crags and Arthur's SeatArthur's Seat

Once we had descended, we had to go back around the cliffs to where our bus was. So we took a nice stroll through the park where there were many runners and some high school track teams running. It was here that we started to get pretty frosty, but we made it back to the Holyrood Palace where we took a quick perch on a bench. It felt so good on our bums to rest for a spell. Then we hopped up and started heading back up to our bus stop.

Crazy People Path


We had decided to stop at Tesco to pick up some veg, because they are so much cheaper there than at our other store. So we stocked up on 5 containers of 6 small tomatoes, peppers, onions, pitas, wraps, chicken, salsa, grapefruit, and sour cream. We agreed it should be Fajita night and we were going to make his Moms’s molho (OMG SO GOOD!!).


Upon arriving home, we had a quick nosh and then Ray went out for his late-morning smoke and I set to work making the molho. It was a nice relaxing day now that we’ve accomplished something huge! We caught up on Episodes of Lost Season 4 (AMAZING!!!) and we watched Juno, which I hadn’t seen yet. We enjoyed our homemade fajitas with molho, instead of simmered peppers and onions. No rice this time either. A healthier substitution of molho was made, as well as black olives, salsa, and then a little bit of lite sour cream and a small handful of shredded cheese. I look forward to getting at least two more meals out of our fajita night!


So aside from an extremely long conversation with my parents on the phone, that was our day! It really was a great day off from work. And I have officially confirmed that I will no longer be taking photos of myself in pictures unless Ray is with me, because Ray is the perfect picture subject. All of his pictures are SOOO CUTE!!! So unless I somehow get cuter, you’ll have to deal with only pictures of Ray looking out over random bits of our travels. Haha!

Yeah. . . We Climbed That.